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27 Aug


tiddlywiki on a plane: a couple of resources for developing when offline

27 Aug quick-and-dirty
reference I made today from using Martin Budden’s
mediawiki adaptor. It’s a tiddlywiki so a single file you can download
and save it to disk for offline use. Update: Thanks to Martin for pointing out
I should also include the mediawiki formatter. It looks like
proper doco now :). also a tiddlywiki – interesting
code explorer tool by Eric Schulman.

can see peer-to-peer recruitment getting to be a big trend

24 Aug

Anyone familiar with the buzzword bingo that goes on when looking for
employees or looking for work ought to be starting to get a feel for
the power of social networking tools where recruitment is concerned.
Old-fashioned peer recruitment combines with social networking tools
to become peer-to-peer recruitment …
From :
A peer-to-peer marketplace for UX recruitment in and around London,
UK. Idea to complement existing UX recruitment agencies, providing a
service for individuals and small companies to access UX professionals
Idea also to enhance offering by providing a UX-style ‘Mechanical
Turk’ service to enable and encourage more junior and less experienced
members of the UX community to gain work from the more experienced
members of the UX community.
For me, the only solution is to go back to Peer-to-Peer style
recruiting where the hiring manager does the recruitment actions. I
can see any manager reading this, swearing at my insanity because of
the flood of CVs they will get, but think about this for a second: Put
a job out through your Twitter network, or your LinkedIn network.
These people in your network are there to share quality information
with you so they will provide a sort of social filtering layer and
will send you quality candidates because they won’t want to upset you
by sending you junk and in actual fact, most people in your
professional network will try to impress you with their knowledge.


Clear Instruction Fail

24 Aug

Sent from my iPhone Type in name of commercial software, see open source alternatives

24 Aug

Found http:/ while looking for lightweight alternatives to nagios (which is ironically open-source itself, but still way too enterprisey for my personal hosting needs).

How reluctant “experts” do tech support for family and friends

24 Aug

This is *so* familiar

amazon snow leopard fail

24 Aug