python – is it really OnMySide?

16 Aug

The reason I decided not to pursue Python when i first programmed in it a few years ago was its lack of OO.

Most obviously, the way you have to accept self as first parameter of every method. Yuck!

But also the ridiculous list methods, which are C-like and accept the list as an argument instead of being methods on list.

Another one is join. Instead of ["a","b","c"].join(",") you say ",".join(["a","b","c"]). Ugly as! The former expression – which you'd see in most languages – expresses the programmer's true intent – "take this list and join elements together with, oh perhaps a comma". The latter – Python – expression gives unwarranted primacy to the delimiter, which and relegates the list to an afterthought. This is not something that makes me feel like Python is OnMySide.


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