examples of high profile websites running open-source

17 Aug

In light of  the EveryBlock acquisition, which is a website running open-source software created by the company (http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/01/everyblocks-dilemna-how-do-you.html), which high-profile websites run open-source software?

* Wikipedia runs on MediaWiki, as do many smaller wikis (like AjaxPatterns)
* Various sites run on other wiki frameworks (like TiddlyWiki)
*  WordPress.com runs on WordPress, as do a vast number of massive and not-so-massive blogs
* Slashdot runs on SlashCode
* Reddit open sourced itself and the framework is used on Hacker News

Other sites have also open-sourced parts of their site, e.g. Google has open-sourced GWT among many other things, which is used in Google Wave and many of their other apps; Digg produces various Ajax libraries; Yahoo! has open-sourced not just code like YUI but also design patterns to go with them.

Also interesting and related is the category of software that has been open-sourced at some point after its creation, like Reddit, Netscape, and Solaris. Often this happens when a company is distressed in some way. And then there is the reverse situation, like WordPress.com, where the guys running the open-source product create a software-as-a-service website out of the open-source product. All these would be interesting case studies in the intersection of open-source, communities, and business.


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