Jinja (Python templating lib) has a very nice way of skeletoning the website and specifying fill-in content in another file

17 Aug

Template Inheritance??

The most powerful part of Jinja is template inheritance. Template inheritanceallows you to build a base ???skeleton??? template that contains all the commonelements of your site and defines blocks that child templates can override.

Why? I’ve just committed a proof-of-concept Single Page Application demo (http://trac.tiddlywiki.org/browser/Trunk/contributors/MichaelMahemoff/vertica…), from which I’ll extract a little SPA framework. I decided to make a small scripting environment to build a SPA, thought I could use TiddlyWiki’s cook, but it’s tiddlywiki-specific. Jinja we’re already using in ILGA and Scrumptious, to name two TiddlyWeb apps, so it makes sense to try and use the same templating framework to support a new kind of build process.

BTW the reason I’m doing this SPA thing is mostly to scratch an itch, as I had an idea for a Twitter type mashup where the file would contain all your user and password info, so it’s convenient to keep it in a file on your local drive.


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