Thinking about a “anthology” plugin for TiddlyWiki

20 Aug

This is on my TODO list – a plugin for imposing structure of a tiddler
– basically, it would be an extract of the logic in TiddlyGuv which is
used to show software license info.

 An “anthology” tiddler pulls together various tiddlers. You can
enforce a structure based on the tiddlers’ tags. e.g. if the anthology
tiddler is tagged “license”, it pulls in “license_background”,
“license_explanation”, “license_policy”, and “license_usages”. If any
of those sub-tiddlers doesn’t exist, it still shows the heading with a
prompt to add the section.

 The discussion just now about patterns made me realise a design
patterns wiki would be a perfect 2nd example to prove the plugin’s
reuse. (By prove, I mean .)

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