If there was a British Commutweet

22 Aug

http://CommuTweet.com asked me how I’d structure a British edition of
this great-looking new service. My 2p:

 Hi, I’m not British though I’ve lived here 8 years, but my perception
is that people tend to identify themselves more with their city than
their county, as I think county boundaries have changed a lot over the
years and aren’t especially important in a country with very
centralised gov’t.

 For a good example – see

 Many cities have their own transport systems (rather than the county).
But by the same token, a huge amount of people commute from one city,
town, or village to another on the overland – many of the
born-and-bred Brits I’ve worked with in central London live 1-2 hours
away in towns and villages outside of London.

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