Auto-Update Distractions

5 Sep

Dave Winer made a comment on the latest Bad Hair Day podcast (#10)
that’s been on my mind, about all the day-to-day distractions that go
on, particularly auto-updates. Running Firefox, you tend to get
frequent updates of the app and then more updates of the extensions.
Not to mention all the system updates. Some are essential security
patches, some are useful bug fixes, many I suspect are not necessary
at all – especially those popular DRM-related fixes, like iTunes
blockng Palm devices – and could be batched for once-a-month upgrades
if they have to happen.
I just fired up the fox. It took about a minute to auto-update

Then I see this:


… which means:
Visit Adobe site
Download app
Run dpkg app – it expands and mounts on my Mac
Run the underlying pkg
Walk through five-step process
Close browser during the process
Re-open browser
Ouch. It’s not as bad as Linux days with Flash… but there’s gotta be
tighter integration than that.


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