TiddlyGuv Scope and Objectives

9 Sep

(for an internal request)


 TiddlyGuv is a web application to support open source governance in
the enterprise. It will serve as a wiki with workflow and
permissioning capabilities, customised to open source related
entities. TiddlyGuv is itself an open-source project, In more detail,
the envisioned feature set includes: a general-purpose wiki for
document sharing and collaboration, special pages for open source
license information, open source software components, and enterprise
projects, with each page supporting comments and an enforced
structure; self-service and workflow tool for reporting on and
progressing open-source projects; project tracking features for
administrators; special privileges for administrators to create wiki
pages and policy sections which regular users can’t modify.


 * Provide BT’s Open Source Operation Team with a tool to automate
tedious tasks and delegate data entry tasks to those with direct
knowledge, in order to improve productivity and quality of data.

 * Provide BT’s open source community (developers, managers, legal
team, Open Source Operation Team) with a forum for discussing open
source policies and their practical implementations.

 * Contribute a governance tool to the broader software community,
where enterprises will receive similar benefits as those above.

 * Contribute open source tooling to FOSSBazaar (https://fossbazaar.org/)

 * Build generic capabilities (JQuery libraries; TiddlyWiki plugins;
TiddlyWeb plugins) which can be used in other products.


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