using tiddlywiki to prioritise and manage user stories

10 Sep

(for loose definitions of user stories in my case)
* Download a fresh TiddlyWiki from
* From Backstage, choose Import |, and import
StorySaverPlugin and RearrangeTiddlersPlugin

* Edit SideBarOptions – add << saveStory >> macro
* Make a new tiddler called ConfigTweaks, tagged systemConfig, with
one line; config.views.editor.defaultText=””;
* Minimise ViewTemplate – I’m using:

<div class=’toolbar’ macro=’toolbar [[ToolbarCommands::ViewToolbar]]’></div>
<div class=’title’ macro=’view title’></div>
<div class=’viewer’ macro=’view text wikified’></div>

… and now you can make empty tiddlers, drag them up and down, and
save the order.
It only takes a few minutes, but I might post a reusable tiddlywiki
with all this built-in already, if it turns out to be useful.

Update: I made a list of tiddlyguv tasks with this, from the board


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