It’s hard to do all three things from one source – offline document, document that works without JS, full-blown online web app

15 Sep

Although URLtrails (
are more about the concept and underlying data format than the UI, I’d
ideally like the Scrumptious Trails player
to be all three things.

 At present, the trail player is a gracefully-degrading web app, so you
get (2) and (3). Using an iframe combined with “target” attributes on
the links, even a non-JS experience lets you walk through the trail.
The list of links is “Hi-JAXed” by the Javascript, enrichified into a
living, breathing, carousel.

 The problem is when @psd comes along and wants a standalone file he
can use in a presentation. Then he must make his own offline file
trails player .

 I’d like all three to come from the same source. Obvious way to do it,
and keep things DRY, is to somehow run a script and generate different
files. But I’m thinking about any hacks which might make it lighter
work than that. Since I’m looking for the trail format being in JSON,
I might have to drop the graceful degradation dream for this
particular UI. (But another static UI could still be made,
server-side, from the same format, to make it accessible.)


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