the irony of @twitter’s new API terms is that the API is engineered to completely FAIL them

15 Sep

Twitter says apps should maintain the integrity of tweets. Fair enough
for users, but how about the application owner’s story? This would be
easy if twitter let applications just store the IDs and then query
Twitter for the historical content of the tweets. But instead,
applications must store the entire content of every tweet they show
due to a limitation of the API. A boon for hard drive manufacturers,
no less.

In the case of an app like listoftweets, it means the only feasible way to
retain tweet content is to upload it from users’ browsers, where they
have collected the tweets. My server would go way over Twitter’s
call threshold if it was to individually download each tweet as a
separate call.
Quoth Twitter: (
“# Maintain the integrity of Tweets and not edit or revise them.
Tweets may be abbreviated for display purposes and as necessary due to
technical limitations or requirements of any networks, devices,
services or media.”
Quoth google groups

Michael Mahemoff:
Greetings. Is there any way to fetch multiple statuses in a single
request, by passing in all the status IDs? As in:,456,789.json returning tweets
123, 456, 789.
Use case: I run, where users can build up a
list of tweets from search results. There’s no persistence right now,
but I would like to make a new feature, letting people save a list of
tweets on my server. It would be redundant for my site to capture the
full details of all the tweets in the list, when that information is
already in Twitter; I’d like to just save a list of IDs and make a
single call on Twitter to pull them out. As it stands, AFAICT, I’d
have to make a unique call for every tweet in the list, which is
obviously not practical.

Peter Denton:
not possible. you have to store the tweets on your end and build your own


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