Finished meeting @philhawksworth and others from @theteam – lightning summary for next Monday’s slideshow hackathon #slideathon

21 Sep

The Team (; consisting of two former Osmosofties
@casablanca and @philhawksworth) is considering the possibility of a
HTML slideshow We’re planning a hackathon in conjunction with them
next Monday, to build a basic slideshow tool from TiddlyWiki
components. Something many of us have been wanting ourselves for some
time and others have asked for too. It needs to be fairly easy to do a
basic authoring job – creating/editing slides and rearranging them.

 Key components we’ll be working on and integrating:

 * Slideshow viewer – similar to TiddlyDocs, left-hand side
hierarchy/tree component and right-hand side content. Tree should be
collapsible (slide in/out) and with delete/rearrange capability. This
is our chance to combine thinking and coding on #urlTrails/Scrumptious
with thinking and coding on TiddlyDocs, and build a generic tiddlywiki
component for them.
* Customisation wizard – a 2-step wizard to build a custom tiddlywiki
slideshow from all the content (1) choose meta info (2) rearrange and
drop out individual slides with the hierarchy/tree navigator.
* Lightbox component – building on and making it a
tiddlywiki macro
* Printing – pretty printing using CSS

 Bonus scenarios include:
* flexible view templates
* a hosted poll at the end, possibly related to


One Response to “Finished meeting @philhawksworth and others from @theteam – lightning summary for next Monday’s slideshow hackathon #slideathon”

  1. mattlucht September 21, 2009 at 3:13 pm #

    sounds like a great idea, really look forward to seeing the outcome of this!

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