UX is making me dumb | Doug McCune

29 Sep

But then during development I have found myself getting the following question from my manager: ???Hey Doug, how come you can???t do Feature X in the app???? and I have found myself actually saying this (shudder): ???Oh, I guess that wasn???t included in UX Guy???s wireframes, you should ask him.??? That???s a bullshit response. I???m not a neutered incompetent mindless developer. If something doesn???t work or was forgotten, I can figure out how to fix it. That doesn???t mean throw the code in without thinking about design. That means pausing my code writing, thinking through the problem carefully, designing a solution that will be sleek and elegant, and then continuing on with development.

I’ve seen this too. Managers refusing to listen to devs because they have the wireframes from elsewhere. Developers buying into the notion that they can’t or shouldn’t do UX. If you rely wholly on X experts for UX, security experts for security, graphic designers for graphic design, and consider devs as code monkeys churning out strings of undecipherable text…you’re doomed to failure in a fast-changing world.


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