Fossbazaar Conference ??? OpenWorldForum, October 2, 2009

2 Oct

2nd OCTOBER 2009 – 11.00-16.00 – EUROSITES GEORGE V, PARIS – 



OPEN WORLD FORUM OPENING KEYNOTES: with Karel De Vriendt, Alix Cazenave, Mark Shuttleworth, etc.


Introduction to FOSSBazaar

Martin Michlmayr, Open Source Community Expert, Hewlett-Packard

This session will introduce FOSSBazaar, a working group of the LinuxFoundation that is dedicated to the governance of open source. FOSSBazaar provides a venue for industry leaders to discuss and share best practices related to the governance of open source.


Validos: Validating open source software for business use

– Martin von Willebrand, Partner, HH Partners, Attorneys-at-Law Ltd
Validos is a collaboration of companies and other entities in the technology field for validating open source software for business use. Validos currently focuses on package level legal validation of open
source software packages and provides reports on validation and instructions for redistribution. Previously this work has been done separately in each company, i.e. many times, but now Validos enables the companies to do this only once and to share the results of validation within the collaboration. This presentation will talk about the need for validating open source software, especially in terms of license validation, and will give an overview of Validos.


IPR Tracking Methodology

– Luc Grateau, Responsible for Transfer Strategies, INRIA

– Guillaume Rousseau, CEO, antelink

Legal issues related to open source components based software (OSCBS) is receiving a growing attention as it is now perceived as a limiting factor for the use of technically trustworthy OSCBS products. Within the EC funded project Qualipso, a methodology has been proposed for tracking Intellectual Property Rights attached to software components, for analysing their compatibility among themselves and for verifying that the resulting legal situation is compliant with the exploitation intentions of the OSCBS editor.

This methodology is currently under testing at INRIA, a French research institute acting in the ICTS field. FOSSology and Antelink tools are used to enhanced productivity of the legal issues control process and to reduce both control duration and costs. Case studies of actual OSCBS are shown.


Lunch and networking


TiddlyGuv: An Open-Source Governance System

– Michael Mahemoff, Senior Architect, BT

– Steve Barnes, Head, Open Source Operations Team,  BT

This presentation will give an overview of TiddlyGuv, an open source governance application under development at Osmosoft, the open source innovation arm of BT. TiddlyGuv helps enterprises manage their open source activities, and the software itself is an open source framework available for anyone to adopt and tailor to their needs. In addition to giving an overview of the TiddlyGuv governance application, we’ll also provide a roadmap explaining future plans, and explain the technology used to drive it. 


Using FOSSology to detect licenses

– Bruno Cornec, Linux Solution Consultant and Open Source Evangelist, Hewlett-Packard

FOSSology is a set of free software tools to facilitate the study analysis of Free and Open Source Software. Today FOSSology is best known for finding software licenses in source code. This talk will introduce FOSSology and show a demo of the tool.


Community Management and Project Governance: A checklist with an attitude

– Charles-H. Schulz, Founding Partner, Ars Aperta

This talk will not so much be about “dos and donts” of FOSS projects governance, but rather about, as the title goes, checklist and attitude. I’ll discuss the checklist you need to have before you start to engage with
the community, and the attitude you need to have before and during your involvement as a corporate player inside a FOSS project.  The take-away is that you should determine beforehand why you want to engage into such projects and how far you want to go with them. The talk will also highlight the imperative need for transparency and accountability as a corporate player into such projects.



– Martin Michlmayr, Open Source Community Expert, Hewlett-Packard

This session is aimed to allow an open discussion about any topics related to the governance of open source.  The idea is to share best practices among participants and to discuss important issues.


OPEN WORLD FORUM CLOSING KEYNOTES: with James Bessen, Director of / FLOSS AWARDS (5 Innovation Awards for startups, OWF Politic initiative Award, OWF Community Award) by Marie Buhot Launay, ARD and  Jean-No??l de Galzain, OWF09 President / 2020 FLOSS Roadmap, by Jean-Pierre Laisn??, Director of Open Source Strategy, Bull

I noticed the #owf website doesn’t include any dates on events, so if you go to the same URL next year, it will probably contain different events. Which is a shame….cool URIs don’t change – .

And so I’m cut-and-pasting the FOSS Bazaar workshop programme at Open World Forum, for posterity.


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