“Conference wifi is pants”. The only certainty in life.

6 Oct

Deciding whether to go to a conference these days, you may ask
yourself many things. Good speakers? Good crowd? Good sausage rolls?
But one thing you may as well not bother asking is: “Good wifi?”
because the answer will be no. Save yourself the disappointment.

The situation’s pretty dire, with half of your typical conference
tweets being inevitably about the status of wifi. (to wit –
http://pastebin.ca/1596373 – “fowa wifi” search).

The following would help:
* Get wifi repeaters ready. Bandwidth is harder to control, but
there’s absolutely no excuse for users not being able to access the
wifi network, as happened to many of us at #OpenWorldForum last week.
* Don’t make me log in via a web browser. The password should be good
enough. Also at Open World Forum, I had to get on the network and the
log in via browser. This is extremely painful on the phone, given I
was trying to use apps other than the browser, and exacerbated badly
by the fact the network kept going down, forcing me to go into
settings to reconnect and then the browser to log in before going back
to the app I was working on.
* Cap rates if necessary. Better to stop one or two users downloading
video than stop everyone else doing anything.
* Check out 3G connectivity. If people can’t access the 3G network,
which unfortunately happens in a lot of conference venues, your
bandwidth demands will be higher and users will shout louder.

There’s definitely a massive market opportunity remaining for an
enterprising company with the resources to offer a good SLA-backed
solution to conference providers.


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