random things about makefiles i remembered or learned after a long time away

14 Oct

Most of my work on tiddlyguv lately has been around managing the dev
cycle and deployment model, as the tooling and patterns are still
emerging for developing tiddlyweb apps.

I toyed with the idea of a makefile yesterday, probably won’t proceed
with it for reasons too complicated to go into here. I made some
random notes, perfect for posterousing …

vim – use tabs not spaces. set noexpandtab . fortunately vim defaults
to this for Makefile

SHELL := /bin/bash – use bash in the commands

for multi-lines, use at the end of the line; or just use semicolons
to join them on one line

use $$ for a literal $. e.g. bash $ROOT becomes $$ROOT. and bash $$
becomes $$$$ 🙂

make apparently starts a new process for each line, so if you cd at
the start, must do ; to combine subsequent lines


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