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made an extreme-retro “squish” game for Palm WebOS

30 Nov

My foray into the hot mobile app space is no less forceful than a
1970s “squish the square alien” masterpiece.


Choice sketch-styled slides for school of everything tallk #minibar

27 Nov

Great talk on “open source design” in drupal #d7ux #ossat

26 Nov

Leisa reichart explains how a ton of the work ~85% in this usability project was in engaging the community to help design rather than just doing the design themseles.


.@jermolene talks down flash at #ossat

26 Nov


slides at

QUnit Boilerplate

26 Nov

QUnit is an okay testing framework and comes with the blessing of the
jQuery posse. However, to use it, you need to create a HTML file,
point it to jQuery, QUnit Javascript, and the QUnit CSS stylesheet; in
addition to your test and code.

I stuck all the boilerplate into a single file for the sake of convenience.

You might like to neaten it up by doing proper unobtrusive links to the
Javascript and CSS later on, but the biggest hurdle to writing tests is
getting started, so jump on the happy path with this little boilerplate.

screencast – vim sparkup plugin by @aescnt++ makes html from e.g. “ul#choices > li.choice*5”

25 Nov

Just discovered this great vim plugin and thought I’d make a
screencast, since Zen Coding has one but sparkup doesn’t.


Now I can use selectors to make HTML, in addition to using them in CSS and Javascript. The trilogy is complete!

(this is the first time i’ve uploaded a video to posterous. fingers
crossed. made the video with, a
pretty cool no-install screencast maker – uses Java applet.)

Zappos UX Job – Great Spec

23 Nov
Senior User Experience Designer
Las Vegas, NV, United States
Full-Time, Powered by Service, is one of the fastest growing online retailers and we are looking to hire a smart, forward-thinking Senior User Experience Designer to join our User Experience team. offers an extensive benefits package for all full time employees including medical, dental, vision, and 401k!

 Position Summary: User Experience team is growing and we???re looking for a talented Senior User Experience Designer to join our weird (but oh so fun!) hardworking team of UX peeps.

You will be part of a small team of User Experience Designers, Usability Researchers, Information Architects, and Analytics ninjas. We are a humble group (despite the “ninjas” reference) who are committed to defining and building the future of website.

The Senior User Experience Designer will be involved in all phases of the development process. Their responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, running brainstorming sessions to elicit business requirements, gathering user research data, creating wireframes, producing finished screens, writing UX specifications, and building prototypes.

More about the crazy, fun, weird and passionate person that is you:

 ??? You???re a master at turning ideas into solid UX deliverables. Whether the initial concepts come to you as a detailed 40 page document or scribbled on the back of a napkin you know what steps to take to turn them into exceptional experiences. 

??? You know there???s no ???I??? in ???TEAM??? but there is in ???Innovation.??? You have a team oriented, collaborative approach to user experience design.

??? You???re able to communicate ideas and concepts clearly and concisely. You know collaboration is key but design by committee run amok can be the death of a good UX design.

 ??? You are more flexible than an Olympic gymnast and able to shift gears faster than this years??? Daytona 500 winner. You know that being part of an innovative culture means rapid and constantly shifting priorities. You live for the challenge of it.

 ??? Your real-world experience has taught you that ???best practices??? can be a dirty word. You understand usability best practice rules inside and out ??? so that you know when it???s appropriate to break them. You???re interested in blazing new trails and establishing new practices that work specifically for the unique Zappos environment.

 ??? You celebrate failure. You know that failure is critical to innovation and you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes.

??? You are able to interpret needs, objectives, and direction from multiple sources of input (you speak both ???geek??? and ???marketing-ese??? fluently).

??? You are so into online shopping and ecommerce that you have completely forgotten where your local shopping mall is.

??? You believe that Jared Spool would easily win a UX celebrity grudge-match with Jakob Nielsen — figuratively speaking, of course! We don’t advocate violence of any kind, but wouldn’t that make for an interesting session at next year’s Information Architecture Summit?

 ??? You are excited by the idea of working in a small and weird team known for their off-base humor and on-target mission to make User Experience a company mindset.

The boring but important technical stuff you have:

 ??? A strong body of work that demonstrates advanced skills in e-commerce user experience design, including examples of the processes and research methods that informed your designs.

??? Proven experience working on e-commerce sites, preferably large-scale, dynamically driven ones.

??? Proven experience defining, developing, and documenting UX design and interaction requirements/specifications

??? Familiarity with HTML/DHTML, CSS, javascript and other web technologies and their inherent strengths and limitations as they relate to UX development (you???re all about the semantic web!)

??? Experience mentoring other passionate UXers.

??? Experience developing UI and interaction pattern libraries is a huge plus.

??? Advanced experience creating high fidelity interactive prototypes is such big a plus that it makes us get all twitchy with excitement.

 If you want the fun and feel of a start-up company, but the solid management and resources of an established business, may be the place for you!, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and drug free workplace.

Decided to C&P the whole thing as the URL suggests it won’t be around forever. This one tells you a lot more than just buzzwords. With coming along nicely, it’s just a matter of time before IT recruitment starts getting a whole lot smarter, and then the buzzword crew comes in with “recruitment 2.0” campaigns and even then, we’ll still be better off, because the new technologies let us switch off most of the noise.