The problem with these “add myself to your list” services is they don’t begin with @twitterID, hence spammy @SimplyZesty

4 Nov

Here???s how you get yourself into the list. The Irish one was built by hand, but the others are going to be built with a script but Twitter users tweeting ???I want to get listed #TwitterCalifonia [or another state]??? and Simplyzesty will collect all the tweets and add them to the lists for each State. In the UK Twitter users can tweet #TwitterEssex, replacing the county name with the county you live in.

Twitter has this controversial standard, where followers don’t see messages beginning with “@twitterID”. Unless they are following that guy too.

So when services like this come along, and require you to say something on your twitter feed, they should support or require you to “@” them in this way. ie the message should be ???@simplyzesty I want to get listed #TwitterCalifonia”. I realise that’s bad for promoting their name, but ultmately their interests are best served by as many people registering as possible, and i’m not going to spam followers with stuff like that. I realise they just got started with this, but longer term, services like this should use OAuth too.

Aside, I applaud them for a very cool idea. Lists are for more than just a bunch of your close mates. Large lists, effectively tags like Kevin Rose’s (now Digg’s) wefollow, will be a very interesting trend.

I’ve been wanting a way to do groups in the cloud quite a while now, I’m glad it’s happening with twitter lists.


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