top hundred domain name sales in the past year

5 Nov
1. $5,100,000 Bankruptcy Auction 3/15/09 2. $3,000,000 Pvt Sale 6/9/09 3. $1,760,000 Sedo 2/3/09 4. $1,700,000 Pvt Sale 3/24/09 5. $1,525,000 AfternicDLS 10/14/09 6. $1,100,000 Sedo 9/1/09 7. $1,020,000 6/9/09 8. $770,000 Sedo 8/4/09 9. $675,000 AfternicDLS 10/14/09 10.
tie $600,000 Moniker 10/14/09 10.
tie $600,000 Sedo/ 9/8/09

always interesting to see the exponential growth.

Found this from the techcrunch article on shill bidding from the registrars (specifically snapnames). No surprise there.…

Couple of months ago, I came up with a domain name for a project. The name turned out to be taken disappointingly, but expiring soon, pleasingly. Remembering this awesomely illuminating article on domains about to expire…, I decided not to bother going into the nightmare of bidding for the name.

It would cost me hundreds and more likely many thousands for any arbitrary name, thanks to shill bidding and registrars tipping off their mates and so on. I decided it’s easier to lie low, not searching for the name despite my curiousity, and just wait the expiration period and take my chances in a couple of months, for a name that’s nice but could easily be replaced by something else.


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