memoirs: notes from pre-#fullfrontalconf dinner and pub meet

20 Nov

Had a great night, this is shaping up to be a super conference. As
@philhawksworth pointed out, the relatively cheap fee means many
people are paying for themselves (I met one guy who’s not only paying
for himself, but also paying for his trip from the continent and
taking it as a vacation day from his full-time job). People paying for
themselves == passionate. And it shows.

A few of the highlights from last night:

– Finally met @premasagar, the chap behind the best engineered
GreaseMonkey script I’ve come across, which I use often: Flickr
AllSizes++. Funnily enough, he was in Osmo Towers just two days ago
with @jayfresh and I missed them, but anyway he’s doing a library for
iFrames. It feels like iFrames have popped up all over for me
(WebWait, Scrumptious Trails player, Scrumptious Trails bookmarklet,
OpenSocial AppFrame, cross-frame communications, and libraries), so it
was interesting to hear what he’s found and what he’s dong with his
Squidget library for generic web widgets. One thing he mentioned is
that iFrames lose their content when you move them around the DOM,
which probably explains why iGoogle reloads iFrames after dragging
them around.

– Chatting with a few blokes about Javascript, OO, and inheritance. I
was arguing that inheritance, while important, is over-rated even in
the traditional OO world. ( Also,
that far more talented programmer-hours have gone into traditional OO
design than Javascript design (though it’s changing), hence many
patterns remain to be found regarding how to embrace Javascript, which
is more prototype-oriented, not object-oriented.

– Fascinating chat with Antony – @ribot a- bout various things. In
particular, what stood out for me was the term they use for their
programmer. “user-centered programmer”. The point being, the
programmer has to consider the impact on user experience of his
technical decisions, a concept that was embodied in the spirit of the
original work on building and architecture and design patterns, and
one I’ve tried to keep alive with interdisciplinary pattern languages
such as Planet ( and Ajax

– Catching up with @codepo8 about his adventures in Japan, @ppk about
fun with mobile browsers (it’s clear WebKit is on a winner in mobile
space), the multilingual, multidisciplined @rapella about knowledge
management and early magazine articles about Javascript (!), and
chatting with @psd and others about reputation, a hot topic right now
at Osmosoft.

– and meeting many others.

Full Frontal has now sold out too. Looking forward to a great day.


One Response to “memoirs: notes from pre-#fullfrontalconf dinner and pub meet”

  1. jLix November 22, 2009 at 1:56 am #

    Passionate developer was glad someone wanted to share a cab 😉

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