Voice is back (ribbit, google voice, skype reborn) … here’s what I want as an end-user

2 Dec

As voice is now back as an in-thing, for the first time since phones
were invented I suppose, here’s what I’m hoping for (and at this
point, I should say any opinions expressed within are mine, all mine,
you know the drill):

None of this is rocket science; there are services that probably come
close today, but I haven’t seen anyone put it together yet. I believe
the increased competition means we will start to see really nice
integrated solutions to do the kinds of scenario I suggest below.


I am arranging a call for an open-source project.

I go to FabVoiceService.com and make a new “call” record, indicating
the call is open to any of my contacts. It gives me a cool URI for the
call which I then publicise on my blog, twitter, and by mail.

If they visit the URL, they’ll see the agenda for the call and the
times in their own timezone. They have the ability to leave comments,
add the call to their calendar, or opt to be called at the starting
time, so they can automatically join.

While the call takes place, the URL provides a chat session and wiki,
or we can just delegate this to Wave or similar (same for the pre- and
post- stuff).

At the end of the call, the URL contains – or links to – the audio and

The URL appears in various feeds, e.g. the feed of calls I created;
the feed of calls tagged as “XYZ”, the feed of all calls, feed of
calls where the transcription includes a certain word, etc. Each feed
item optionally contains an attachment, so it can be subscribed to as
a podcast.


I call my friend.

After the call, there’s a URL with the record of the call – who I
called, duration, location, etc. I can embiggen this record if I
choose, after the event; e.g. I can order a transcription; there are
options to publish certain details (e.g. just the duration; vs the
entire MP3 with transcription). In some cases, the system will check
with both (all) parties before exposing certain information.


There are many more scnearios; I haven’t begun to take into account
cash flows going on here, and e-commerce applications. The main thing
is, I’m excited about all the possibilities, most of which haven’t
even been dreamt up yet. That’s the power of the platform…no central
planner has to dream them up for them to come into fruition.


2 Responses to “Voice is back (ribbit, google voice, skype reborn) … here’s what I want as an end-user”

  1. Eastmad December 2, 2009 at 12:56 am #

    We were cicrling around most of these with web21c and Mojo – I would guess Ribbit must be covering some of this too. Mr Downey pushed the idea of a call token represented by a url.Warning: we’ve been here before.

  2. Anonymous December 2, 2009 at 5:11 pm #

    Ribbit can indeed do most of this. Call recording is there.You can build your own URL very easily should you so wish.Ordering transcriptions for recordings is coming quite soon.We have a release ready that allows you to use a Ribbit Mobile account and the API together, using a 3 legged OAuth authentication process, as an alternative to building up your own user base.

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