haha! this is exactly how i felt when i came to deploy rails

3 Dec

Next, try thinking from the point of view of a new Rails developer. He???s introduced to lala-land: Don???t-Repeat-Yourself, convention over configuration, stuff that???s supposed to Just Work(tm).

Then he deploys his Rails app and finds out that he has to setup a Mongrel cluster (1 command but usually with 3 or 4 options that he???ll have to look up), configure Apache to proxy to the cluster (about 5 or 6 lines that he???ll have to setup), configure init.d/daemon tools/monit/god/whatever so that his Mongrel cluster is started at system startup, etc.

Oh, and you need to repeat this for every single Rails app.

so says the passenger documentation!

thanks heavens for passenger. we’ve had great fun with it today, not on rails but on python, to get tiddlyweb running fast on dreamhost. more to come on that.

oh and in the middle of a late-night irc and hacking session, chris manages to freak me out with this little hollywood production … 🙂


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