interns day at osmosoft

14 Jan
We had a troupe of BT interns visiting us at Osmsoft today. There were presentations in the morning and in the afternoon they had a chance to build something with TiddlyWiki. As they mostly weren't from a programming background, it was a chance to see how far they could take core TiddlyWiki config, combined with the TiddlyVerse ecosystem. Working in pairs, and guided by an Osmosoft mentors, the teams each came up with something interesting and different.

The projects:

TiddlyPocketBook Guide to Adastral Park – A very usable pocket book about a BT campus and surrounding areas using Paul's . See it here.

University Course – A university course transformed from a Word file into a living TiddlyWiki. The team built this as a single file, and in a few short minutes, we were able to upload it to TiddlyHoster so students could have a threaded discussion about each section.

Cookbook – An actual food cookbook. By tagging each recipe with its key ingredients, you could do the reverse: click on "Tiger Prawn" to find all recipes with Tiger Prawn.

Apprentice Guide – A guide for people on the apprentice scheme, with images of places they would be training and links to relevant sites. Info scattered through the internet was easily collected together in one place by the user population themselves.

So a fun day and a great way for us developers to see real first-time usage of TiddlyWiki. Each of the above was done in a couple of hours, so not complete products, but I think it gave the interns a good enough insight into the mindset behind TiddlyWiki and the places where it's useful, as well as the general benefits of the open source model for a product like this.

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