more memorable hex colors

18 Jan

Paul Irish recently posted some memorable hex colours (

  • #b00b00
  • #de1e7e
  • #e1e100
  • #BADA55
  • #F0FEAF
  • #ac1d1c
  • #facade

with good comments too, ranging from the NSFW to the esoteric to the self-referencing (Facebookers use #faceb0, apparently). A good list from one commenter: DEF1ED BED FAD 1D1075 F00D1E 5EA BE51DE C0B BEA575 FEA575 DADD1E

Of course, you could just use descriptive names like "blue", but where's the fun in that?

I thought I'd write a script to generate any dictionary matches:

egrep '^[abcdeflso]{6}$' '/usr/share/dict/words' | sed 's/l/1/g' | sed 's/s/5/g' | sed 's/o/0/g'

which produces, with the more memorable ones highlighted:

aba5ed aba51a aba51c abba51 abbe55 accede acce55 aced1a ac1d1c a55baa a55e55 a5515e bab1ed bacaba baccae ba0bab ba501d ba551e beaded beb055 bedded bedead bedeaf be5cab be51de b1ac1d b10515 b0bbed b0d1ce b0d1ed b00d1e b055ed cadd1e cadd15 ca5aba ca5abe ca5e1c ca551a ca551e ca5515 ceb01d c1cada c0baea c0bbed c0bcab c0cc1d c0ffee c01fed c055a5 c0551d dab01a da551e deba5e decade dece55 dec1de dec0de dec01c deface de1f1c de5eed d1ac1d d1ba5e d1e515 d110d0 d0bbed d0dded d0dd1e d00dab d00dad ece51c ece515 efface e051de e5c0ba e50d1c facade fac1e5 fa5ce5 fa5c1a fa5c15 f1a5c0 f1c01d f1dfad f055ed 1b1ce5 1deaed 10d1de 10d050 0b5ede 0b5e55 0ff1ce 5abeca 5acc05 5cab1d 5ecede 5eeded 5ee5ee 51bbed 51c5ac 515500 50da1c 50dded

And the three letter magic:

aba abb ace add ade ad0 ae5 a1d a5e a55 baa bac bad bae ba5 bed bee be5 b1b b1d b15 b0a b0b b0d b00 cab cad cee c0b c0d c0e c00 c05 dab dad dae da0 da5 deb dee d1b d1d d1e d15 d0b d0c d0d d0e d05 ebb e55 fad fae fed fee fe1 f1b f1d f1e f0b f0d f0e f00 1a0 1ba 1ce 1de 1fe 150 0af 0be 0b1 0da 0dd 0de 0e5 0ff 011 05e 5aa 5ab 5ac 5ad 5a1 5a0 5ea 5ec 5ee 51b 51c 51e 515 50b 50c 50d 50e

(See also


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