twitter reactions is wonderful, here’s what it needs

9 Feb
Twitter Reactions ( is a very nice tool for tracking what the twittersphere is saying about a web page. Just like embedded Scrumptious comments or Google’s sidewikis, it augments the page with comments, but in this case, those comments are tweets.

(One day, Scrumptious might do the same thing…it’s all just tiddlers and we’ll be able to have tiddlers pushed from inbound email, twitter, text messages, and elsewhere.)

Anyway, @RWW asks what features we want?

My inclination is “nothing; KISS”. But one thing I would really want is some kind of filter to avoid showing tweets that are just in the format “http://the/link the title” (with some kind of fuzzy matching). Not that there’s anything wrong with tweets like that, but it’s just not the kind of thing I need to see when I’m looking for reactions.

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