end of tiddlyspace hackday 2

10 Feb
We're getting close – we now have sample users and spaces, with the ability to create a new space.

What we did today:

* completed build and instancer scripts and better understood system bags (_public and _private) – now build all bags and recipes, set up users, and pull in plugins
* continued implementing clone
* backstage UI for clone and create
* wireframed the overall UI

What we still need to do:

* dev process – streamline the client-side development process (to be discussed on the mailing list –http://groups.google.com/group/tiddlyweb/browse_thread/thread/549745e9ae96ace9)
* finish clone implementation
* membership management – adding and removing users (and ideally other stuff like invites and requests) to space. This will be client-side plugins in the global _private bag, talking to a service exposed by a new server-side plugin. One responsibility for the plugin is to ensure the redundant set of policies across all four bags/recipes is kept consistent…and ideally/eventually with a locking mechanism.
* subdomains – integrated Chris's virtualhost plugin
* improve create/clone UI
* ideally build out other UI aspects, e.g. dashboard

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