PHP serialisation

18 Feb

Working with @FND to get a PHP script talking to TiddyWeb. (The same way it would talk to a MySQL server for persistence, but making RESTful HTTP calls.) Anyway, trivial stuff and we divvy up between JSON serialisation and making the HTTP call. Here's the JSON serialisation:


????require_once "JSON.php";

????$teams = array(
???? ??"carlton" => "blues",
???? ??"collingwood" => "maggies",
???? ??"essendon" => "bombers",
???? ??"wins" => 16,
???? ??"managers" => array("president" => "bob", "caretaker"=>"harry" ),
???? ??"years" => array(1906, "1915-1915", FALSE)

????$json = new Services_JSON();


It's using Michael Mygurski's PHP library ( … now in PEAR.

Aside: Thanks to jQuery 1.4 making a big deal of it, I'm now using "" on the left-hand side (the hash keys), always. Whether in PHP (where I have to), Javascript (where it's possible not to), or wherever. It's the standard.

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