UnderscoreJS’s _.isEqual() is perfect for unit tests

19 Feb
UPDATE: @andybeeching points out what shouldabeen the bleeding obvious: QUnit’s same(). (I’d internalised QUnit as having just ok() and equal() as I always think it’s unusally small compared to Junit’s myriad ofassertGreaterThan etc (which I prefer)…I forgot the third and obvious one.)

Drop this into your QUnit (http://docs.jquery.com/QUnit) test (or similar in other Javascript testing frameworks). It’s a drop-in replacement for the standard “equals” equality test in QUnit. It will recurse through data structures and so check proper equality of objects and arrays. Plus, it will still compare normal values too, using === (http://longgoldenears.blogspot.com/2007/09/triple-equals-in-javascript.html).

I just started using it here:

to test:

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