quick overview and convenience functions for Tokyo Cabinet

22 Mar
I was using MongoDB, but decided to switch to Tokyo because I wanted something that's embedded, ie not running a separate server. It will make deployment and maintenance easier that way, and if I ever have massive I/O problems, I can switch over to Tokyo Tyrant with the same API. Win for the Happy Path.

On OSX I did this:

(1) port install tokyocabinet

(2) gem install tokyocabinet

(3 Use it like this:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'rubygems'
require 'tokyocabinet'

def db()
????store = TokyoCabinet::HDB.new
????store.open("countries.tch", TokyoCabinet::HDB::OWRITER | TokyoCabinet::HDB::OCREAT)
????result = yield store

def fetch(key)
????db { |store| Marshal.load(store.get(key)) }

def save(key, val)
????db { |store| store.put(key, Marshal.dump(val)) }

save("japan", { "prefectures" => 47 })
fetch("japan") ### returns { "prefectures" => 47 }

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