A few browser extensions I’d like to see or make

12 Apr

* "Add To Delicious" with default tag setting (e.g. "toread") so I could easily use it in ??conjunction with Instalicious (http://github.com/mahemoff/Instalicious), and the ability to add against a link, instead of having to open the page.

* "Sitelighter" to highlight links to my favourite sites. (Perhaps site-specific, e.g. "when I'm looking at TechMeme, highlight links to Ajaxian").

* "Feature Creep" to point out any interesting technical features of a site, e.g. it uses HTML5 tags, SVG, Canvas. This would be a win for pattern mining.

* "Pathfinder" to support navigation through sites without a clean URL structure (something motivated by the many excuses for "enterprise web apps" I've had to deal with on intranets).

* "Robotic" to support filling out forms and performing other menial tasks on the aforementioned inhumane sites (this is perhaps more of a framework for extensions that run across multiple URLs, than a specific extension, per se).

Note: Maybe they exist; I haven't done the due diligence yet.

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