Web-O-Random Updates

15 Apr

A few hours of coding in the sky led to a few new features for http://weborandom.com.

In particular:

* Get as many random numbers as you like, with a third parameter – /10/20/50 will give you 50 numbers between 10 and 20

* For lists, sampling without replacement. /a,b,c,d,e/3 gives you 3 independent samples (duplicates are possible); /a,b,c,d,e/-3 gives you 3 items without duplicates (as if you'd taken three random items out of the list); /a,b,c,d,e/0 gives you the list shuffled, and /a,b,c,d,e gives you just one element.

* Better rendering of multiple items

* Begun specialised randomizers – /coin gives you a coin toss (with image) ; /coin/5 gives you 5 coin tosses

Underneath the surface is a generator (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generator_(computer_science)) based architecture, so new randomizers should be fairly straightforward. I'm interested in "color", "card", and "dice" for a start.

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