Live Blogging Notes: Android at #googleio keynote Day2, What’s new with Froyo? (Hepas)

20 May
(standard live blogging caveats)


– 100K activations a day
– Android now no.2 in smartphone sales (2nd to RIM)
– no. 1 by internet traffic (Admon)


JIT compiler – fast! 2x-5x speedup.

20 new enterprise Features – MS Exchange friendly, Device Admin APIs,??

SDK Capabilities – Application data backup API. Yes, Android backed up the apps before, but not personal data, but now it does. ??Cloud-to-device messaging API. Value-adds – e.g. collapse multiple messages together. e.g. Syncing with browser. Data tethering.

Web – Performance, HTML5, access to tilt, Voice input, Camera

Market improvements and Syncing – "Update all" button and auto-updating. Developers can see stack traces. Market web presence, not just in store. Buy on website, automatically installs on phone.

Ad Support – For everyone, not just multimillion dollar brands and open to any advertiser, not just Google adsense. Different styles of ads – including expandable (slide-down/up instead of leaving the app). Click-to-call. open to attendees today and with $100 credit.

And Vic concludes with a phone giveaway to all attendees. BAM.

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