My #SWDC talk “HTML5 Gives You Wings” done

3 Jun

Link for the offline timer app I demo'd:

As usual, I like to capture the questions people ask at a talk I gave, this time a talk about HTML5 and what it does for mobile apps (focusing on application cache and offline storage).

(Restated in my words)

* How about user control of the application cache, e.g. to evict a single app. (ie Can clear the cache, but it will remove *all* apps, not just one.)
* On Android, widgets are built in native Android technologies, not as W3C widgets. Would it make sense to be able to write them as HTML/JS/CSS as well?
* Moz and Google building IndexedDB. How about the other browsers? (of relevance, I mentioned this recent article:??
* How about user control/visibility of local data. (We have some preliminary tools to explore this content, but not targeted at users.)

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