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Simple and completely untested Javascript “seconds/minutes/hours/days” ago function

30 Sep
function timeAgo(millis) {   var secs = Math.round((+new Date - millis)/1000);   var ago = secs < 2*60 ? "a few seconds" :             secs < 2*60*60 ? Math.floor(secs/60) + " mins" :             secs < 2*24*60*60 ? Math.floor(secs/60/60) + " hours" :             Math.floor(secs/24/60/60) + " days";   return "about " + ago + " ago";}

“Passwords with “I” as the third letter are not supported” #uxfail @rellyab @ #ampedweb

25 Sep


25 Sep

Making a native HTML5-powered android app with PhoneGap: Quick Guide #ampedweb

25 Sep

[Apologies – the initial post, which got auto-tweeted, said “WebOS”, not “PhoneGap”]

Download Android SDK and phonegap-android.

FROM android SDK dir:

Run “android” for the GUI

Installed Packages to set up a new Operating System and then Virtual
Devices to create a new phone with one of those

“emulator @nexi” (where “nexi” is the name you gave the phone)

FROM phonegap-android dir:

./droidgap $HOME/android-sdk-mac_x86/ woot com.mahemoff example/ out
## I made up “woot”, “com.mahemoff”, and “out” /// “example” is the
dir containing HTML5 assets

cp build.xml *.properties framework/build.xml out ### Yes, this step
ideally shouldn’t be here

cd out


ant clean compile install

The final step will build an APK file and install it on the emulator
(using its server on a standard port).

NOTE: For some reason, I had to restart the emulator on occasion to
get the install working

[Thanks to the Palm guys for their convenient starter guide and
Jonathan Stark for the inspiration – live-building an Android app was
all the inspiration I needed.]

Mr Noun, AKA Google Images gets you great results when searching for education material #microcopy #AmpedWeb

25 Sep

Workshop schedule at #AmpedUSA also reflects the mix of design and coding

25 Sep

.@johnallsop rockstar #ampedusa kickoff

25 Sep

Impressive mix of Design and dev talent here and johns doing a great job to combine them in the teams