About the Streamie Chrome App @streamieorg @dshaw

17 Sep

I made a Chrome app for streamie last night – see
http://project.mahemoff.com/streamie.crx. You can unzip the CRX to see
what it contains, but I’ll tell you here. It just contains two files:
the icon and a manifest.json:

“name”: “Streamie”,
“description”: “Streamie Twitter Client”,
“version”: “1”,
“app”: {
“urls”: [
“launch”: {
“web_url”: “http://streamie.org/”
“icons”: {
“24”: “streamie-anim.gif”,
“128”: “streamie-anim.gif”
“permissions”: [

I visited chrome://extensions, hit the “package extension” button,
surfed to my streamie directory, and it produced the CRX. It’s a
hosted app, which means it simply points to a site out there on the
webs. As it’s not hosted on Streamie.org, it needs to be installed
manually from the user’s drive. (As @cramforce has excellently made it
possible for anyone to fork the actual website, one could actually
make it a smoother selection process by putting the CRX into a fork.
When I get a spare minute …)


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