TODO list for my HTML5 slide deck rewrite

17 Nov

I'm planning to rewrite my HTML5 slide deck soon. I would normally avoid the complete rewrite, but in this case it's justified because the code is very oriented around a very specific use case of slide with a background photo and a text label. It's held up well there, but any other kinds of slides required much in the way of hacking for each slideshow and I need to fix that.

Features retained:

* It's critical that markup remains extremely minimal, so the slides can easily be edited in Vim and copy-pasted between presentations. No angle brackets either!
* Support for creative commons attributions. (The current version auto-generates attribution slide for any attributions provided inline.)
* Support for embedding in an iframe. (Preferably improved.)

Main features envisioned:

* A "Master slide" (template) system where each master slide is a single file containing all HTML, CSS, and JS.
* Master slides provided by default:
????- The existing thing – background with a label.
????- Live coding, probably using contentEditable.
* Support for a print stylesheet to satisfy requests for PDF.
* Ability to "play" and "stop" iframe. (So I will finally release my "iframe player" jQuery plugin.)
* Ability to record and play back sessions with audio sync. (The current incarnation uses the "Command" pattern to facilitate recording, but I've never gotten around to the playback part.)
* More intuitive presentation – ie instructions on navigation when you load it
* Basic support for older browsers, at least showing the raw content

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