Imran Ghory on ads at leancamp

24 Jul

He’s shard a lot of tips for non conventional tips

Facebook can be cheap esp if your ads are popular and with demographic data supports ab testing. Requires a lot of experiments though.

Linkedin can be great for b2b ads because of the targeting. I you’re a member of a group can reach people directly but don’t abuse it.

Plentyoffish IRS even more detailed demog targeting than fb, which is great for niches.

Stumbleupon you can get a site feaured easily but users tend to be checking the site out and not hang around.

Fb – image is much more important, people hardly look at the title. Amateur photos convert better than professional/stock photos.

Don’t just do first-touch conversions on fb…often people will visit more than once before buying, so need to check it. Upcast-great case studies on fb.

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