Ribbit (BT’s phone API) is closing down and directing people to Twilio with a discount offer

10 Aug

The Ribbit Developer Program is Closing


Tuesday August 9th, 2011


Dear Ribbit Developers,

Thank you for your participation in the Ribbit Developer program over the past few years. ??We recently changed our business objectives to focus our efforts on voice technology for our parent company, BT Group, and have decided to discontinue support and external access to our voice platform, SDKs and APIs.

To give you time to make transition plans, Ribbit will be closing the Developer and Account Portals, disabling all Ribbit API Keys, and removing all Voicemail Boxes, Transcriptions and Sub Users, 60 days from the date of this notice (Tuesday August 9th, 2011). ??Please prepare accordingly and remove any dependencies on the Ribbit platform from your applications prior to the effective shut down date.

One alternative that might be of interest to you is??Twilio, a programmable voice platform with comparable features and pricing. ??We're pleased to confirm that the team at Twilio have agreed to offer you $100 of FREE credit??and in addition, a $100 discount to their upcoming Twilio Conference to get you started. ??Use coupon code??RIBBITDEVELOPER??to redeem these offers when you sign up for a Twilio account, or register for the conference. ??If you have any questions please contact Twilio at ribbit@twilio.com

Sign up for Twilio


– All of your saved messages, transcriptions, and any contacts will be permanently deleted.

– All accounts, application API keys, and devices will be permanently disconnected and deleted.

– This notice only refers to Ribbit Developers and does NOT impact??Ribbit Mobile or Ribbit for Salesforce users.

– Twilio free credit offer expires on January 1, 2012.

Please contact us at support@ribbit.com??with any questions.



The Ribbit Platform Product Team


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