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#appsworld feedback

29 Nov
  • Great talks by @mahemoff @theglenpaul #AppUp #appsworldeu enjoyed by #mosync crew??2 hours ago??by@dr_alexj
  • @mahemoff Was at the HTML5 talk at #appsworld Learned loads about HTML5. What was the link for the input type examples???2 hours ago??by??@IanOh85
  • At #AppsWorld listening to why HTML5 is important from @mahemoff??4 hours ago??by??@Catalysis_Comms
  • Interesting talk by @mahemoff on latest HTML5 technologies at #AppsWorld.??5 hours ago??by??@xenopunk
  • RT @drfonz: Awesome metaphor by @mahemoff: Ajax came from devs discovering the laws of physics of the Web as XmlHttpRequest is a 90's tech #appsworld??5 hours ago??by??@mahemoff
  • @mahemoff great talk, loved the Reddit memes.??5 hours ago??by??@tomhut
  • For real, a pigeon took the stage! RT @Develop4AppUpEU: Auf pigeon just joined @mahemoff talk about HTML5 #AppUp pf #appsworld??5 hours ago??by??@mahemoff
  • Good talk on HTML5 by Michael Mahemoff at #AppsWorld. Will have a play with web workers when I get home.??5 hours ago??by??@tomtheguvnor
  • #appsworld @mahemoff When do u think HTML 5 will catch up to Flash's present capabilities and allow Flash to be buried???5 hours ago??by??@logicbureau
  • HTML5 resources, cheers @mahemoff #appsworld?? hours ago??by??@zebrapeople
  • HTML5 resources, cheers @mahemoff #appsworld?? hours ago??by??@MarkZebra
  • RT @MarkZebra: The future of HTML5 #webintents #webGL #realtimecommunications @mahemoff #appsworld?? hours ago??by??@becomeukjobs
  • What a great talk on HTML5 by @mahemoff here at #AppsWorld, I still learned something new! Now dashing over to #online11 for more nectar…??5 hours ago??by??@m_lorek
  • The future of HTML5 #webintents #webGL #realtimecommunications @mahemoff #appsworld hours ago??by??@zebrapeople
  • The future of HTML5 #webintents #webGL #realtimecommunications @mahemoff #appsworld hours ago??by??@MarkZebra
  • @mahemoff: The future of HTML will allow for cross-domain and intra-browser data sharing. Less secure, less painful. #appsworld??5 hours ago??by??@drfonz
  • JavaScript++ = CoffeeScript and Kaffeine @mahemoff #appsworld??5 hours ago??by??@zebrapeople
  • JavaScript++ = CoffeeScript and Kaffeine @mahemoff #appsworld??5 hours ago??by??@MarkZebra
  • The new JavaScript JS Syntax Remixed @mahemoff #appsworld?? hours ago??by@zebrapeople
  • The new JavaScript JS Syntax Remixed @mahemoff #appsworld?? hours ago??by@MarkZebra

jsfiddle experiment

19 Nov

Somehow most of the random links are 404, probably because creators have been logged in and left them private.