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As MS is getting into the Javascript CDN business we might end up with portable browser support for CDNs

30 Sep

JS word count s.split(/s+/).length … fine, but is there a faster way out there?

30 Sep

UX is making me dumb | Doug McCune

29 Sep

But then during development I have found myself getting the following question from my manager: ???Hey Doug, how come you can???t do Feature X in the app???? and I have found myself actually saying this (shudder): ???Oh, I guess that wasn???t included in UX Guy???s wireframes, you should ask him.??? That???s a bullshit response. I???m not a neutered incompetent mindless developer. If something doesn???t work or was forgotten, I can figure out how to fix it. That doesn???t mean throw the code in without thinking about design. That means pausing my code writing, thinking through the problem carefully, designing a solution that will be sleek and elegant, and then continuing on with development.

I’ve seen this too. Managers refusing to listen to devs because they have the wireframes from elsewhere. Developers buying into the notion that they can’t or shouldn’t do UX. If you rely wholly on X experts for UX, security experts for security, graphic designers for graphic design, and consider devs as code monkeys churning out strings of undecipherable text…you’re doomed to failure in a fast-changing world.

SVG Unicode Snowman spotted, interrupts proceedings at #slideathon

28 Sep

“Javascript in a single picture” ok i don’t buy it but funny idea 9via @ilinsky)

27 Sep

It reminds me of:


Books recommended to @jobsworth today #jpbook

25 Sep

JP has some reading ahead of him … 😉

  • @jobsworth It’s cliche because it’s good. For entrepreneurs re: solitude + self. Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. Practice feeing.#jpbook Sat Sep 26 02:04:15 +0000 2009 from heathr
  • @jobsworth My key books #jpbook Sat Sep 26 02:03:31 +0000 2009 from heathr
  • @jobsworth Upheavals of Thought Martha Nussbaum Fall On Your Knee: Anne- Marie MacDonald. All these recommendations work 4 biz+tech #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:59:43 +0000 2009 from heathr
  • @jobsworth (essay) Walter Benjamin Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, margaret Radin Reinterpreting Property #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:56:55 +0000 2009 from heathr
  • @jobsworth Change by P. Watzlawick (Palo Alto Inst.) and The seduction of madness by Edward M. Podvoll – and E.E. Cummings #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:55:04 +0000 2009 from nadiademartini
  • @jobsworth Ntozake Shange For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf, Tony Kushner Angels In America .. #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:54:08 +0000 2009 from heathr
  • @jobsworth Alice Miller’s: Thou Shall Not Be Aware, Virginia Woolf: A Room of One’s Own, Oscar Wilde: De Profundis, #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:50:43 +0000 2009 from heathr
  • for @jobsworth endless forms most beautiful – on the science of evolutionary development #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:41:36 +0000 2009 from alevin
  • also for @jobsworth Damasio’s The Feeling of What Happens: Body & Emotion in the making of Consciousness #jpbook Sat Sep 26 01:41:19 +0000 2009 from alevin
  • The Gone Away World, by Nick Harkaway #jpbook Fri Sep 25 20:59:31 +0000 2009 from blaine
  • i recommend “Beyond Software Architecture” by @lukehohmann . #jpbook @jobsworth Fri Sep 25 20:59:16 +0000 2009 from mahemoff
  • “The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World” by Andy Merrifield #jpbook Fri Sep 25 20:44:02 +0000 2009 from timbray
  • @jobsworth congrats on 25 yrs. Two years before the mast: great yarn in itself and fun to read about San Francisco pre gold-rush #jpbook Fri Sep 25 20:14:20 +0000 2009 from alanbuxton
  • .@rivenhomewood The book by Connie Willis? Brilliant, but I LOVE her “Doomsday Book”! #jpbook Fri Sep 25 19:49:50 +0000 2009 from ElrikMerlin
  • RT @jobsworth: Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me & tag #jpbook| My rec=Blue Calhoun by Reynolds Price Fri Sep 25 19:45:03 +0000 2009 from mchris4duke
  • @jobsworth Recommend “The Time Traveller’s Wife” #jpbook Fri Sep 25 19:29:18 +0000 2009 from icarusghost
  • RT @jobsworth: Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me via Twitter. Hashtag it #jpbook if you can. Thanks Fri Sep 25 19:25:56 +0000 2009 from rivenhomewood
  • I love To Say Nothing of The Dog – one of my favorite books #jpbook Fri Sep 25 19:25:45 +0000 2009 from rivenhomewood
  • @jobsworth : Suketu Mehta’s ‘Maximum City’ , Arjuna Ardagh’s ‘Awakening into Oneness’ #jpbook Fri Sep 25 17:24:46 +0000 2009 from hitsamty
  • I recommend all 3 of Bob Wright’s books “The Moral Animal”, “Nonzero” and “The Evolution of God” to both #twbook and #jpbook Fri Sep 25 16:21:21 +0000 2009 from kevinmarks
  • @jobsworth Altered Carbon by (I think) Richard Morgan #jpbook Fri Sep 25 14:52:47 +0000 2009 from gkc
  • @jobsworth “The Power of the Dog” by Don Winslow. Amazon: #jpbook Fri Sep 25 12:47:35 +0000 2009 from cswalton
  • @jobsworth book suggestion: “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell #jpbook Fri Sep 25 12:34:32 +0000 2009 from j_von
  • Oops, hashtag typo: #jpbook RT @DeanLand: @jobsworth The Tourist by Steinhauer. (typo was #jpbooj) Fri Sep 25 12:30:41 +0000 2009 from DeanLand
  • @jobsworth American Gods #jpbook Fri Sep 25 12:24:33 +0000 2009 from yedennek
  • @jobsworth #jpbook Lord of the Rings Fri Sep 25 12:19:05 +0000 2009 from LambRogan
  • @jobsworth #jpbook Tell me a Story: Narrative and Intellegence by Roger Schank Fri Sep 25 12:13:53 +0000 2009 from Hil121
  • @jobsworth The Internet Galaxy by Manuel Castells #jpbook Fri Sep 25 12:12:08 +0000 2009 from spinuzzi
  • The Calvin and Hobbes: Tenth Anniversary Book – Bill Watterson – @jobsworth #jpbook Fri Sep 25 12:07:39 +0000 2009 from Rthur
  • @jobsworth Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger (of Time Traveler’s Wife fame) – turns life/death on head rather than time #jpbook Fri Sep 25 11:54:59 +0000 2009 from alaninbelfast
  • @jobsworth ‘Being Alive’ – collection of poetry edited by Neil Astley #jpbook Fri Sep 25 11:47:12 +0000 2009 from RichardDennison
  • @jobsworth #jpbook Shameless nepotism. ‘Indian Mutiny & Beyond.’ The letters of Robert Shebbeare. Ed Arthur Littlewood (My dad). Fri Sep 25 11:15:39 +0000 2009 from MarkLittlewood
  • #Invisible_Engines: How Software Platforms Drive #Innovation & Transform #Industries #jpbook Fri Sep 25 11:14:18 +0000 2009 from AAinslie
  • @jobsworth #jpbook Factual: the Last Fighting Tommy – Harry Patch & Richard van Emden. Deeply moving. Fri Sep 25 11:13:08 +0000 2009 from MarkLittlewood
  • #jpbook The Forever War by Dexter Filkins on consequences of US involvement in Iraq/Afghan. Very good. Fri Sep 25 11:09:26 +0000 2009 from petercostantino
  • @jobsworth #jpbook America Calling: A Social History of the Telephone to 1940 by Claude S. Fischer (I quoted it in my book) Fri Sep 25 11:00:36 +0000 2009 from DanB
  • @jobsworth #jpbook EAT, PRAY,LOVE – a book I read in the beginning of the year and made me think about my life. Fri Sep 25 10:27:46 +0000 2009 from lepitta
  • @jobsworth “Only Forward”, By Michael Marshall Smith. Cracking page-turner, difficult to categorise. #jpbook Fri Sep 25 10:11:31 +0000 2009 from timsk3
  • @jobsworth Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving with Grace – #jpbook Fri Sep 25 10:11:16 +0000 2009 from dipakpatel2504
  • @jobsworth #JPbook Novels: Anything by Bateman. The White Tiger, Aravind Adiga Fri Sep 25 09:58:19 +0000 2009 from MarkLittlewood
  • @tom_watson ‘The Rum Diary’ by Hunter S Thompson is a great novel and currently being turned in to a film #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:49:46 +0000 2009 from policyanalyst1
  • RT @danmcquillan: enjoying God’s Fury, England’s Fire: A New History of the English Civil Wars (times not unlike our own…) #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:49:28 +0000 2009 from williamheath
  • @nadiademartini remember #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:48:32 +0000 2009 from nadiademartini
  • RT @nauiokaspark: Snow Crash #jpbook < a great choice, but for me Cryptonomicon edges it Fri Sep 25 09:45:20 +0000 2009 from cpswan
  • #jpbook – Chinwa Achebe: Things Fall Apart Fri Sep 25 09:41:01 +0000 2009 from btudor
  • @tom_watson Planet Google by Randall Stross; Microserfs by Douglas Coupland; E by Matt Beaumont #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:37:13 +0000 2009 from mwarne
  • @jobsworth Last Fighting Tommy (RIP Harry Patch), Undertones of War by Edmund Blunden and Big Joe – The Joe Corrigan Story #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:35:45 +0000 2009 from Readability5
  • Snow Crash #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:35:31 +0000 2009 from nauiokaspark
  • @jobsworth Accelerando by Charles Stross #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:27:39 +0000 2009 from cpswan
  • Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem is a beautiful book tinged with glossolalia #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:25:11 +0000 2009 from monkchips
  • @jobsworth #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:18:34 +0000 2009 from swedishangst
  • That request to recommend a book to me has a changed hashtag: #jpbook (thanks @williamheath) Fri Sep 25 09:17:58 +0000 2009 from tom_watson
  • @tom_watson why dont we all use the #jpbook hastag (or wd you recommend different books for either) #twbook Fri Sep 25 09:14:31 +0000 2009 from williamheath
  • @jobsworth “the future of management” by Gary Hamel – a book recommendation for you #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:10:44 +0000 2009 from tshelton
  • #jpbook see …insights of many people, distilled by Britain Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends Fri Sep 25 09:07:49 +0000 2009 from williamheath
  • @jobsworth I recommend Foreskin’s Lament by Shalom Auslander #jpbook [have I skewed the experiment?] Fri Sep 25 09:06:45 +0000 2009 from Thandelike
  • @jobsworth #jpbook I’d recommend Leviathan, or The Whale, Philip Hoare ISBN 978-0-00-723014-3 Fri Sep 25 09:01:49 +0000 2009 from johnlholden
  • I recommend “The Crying of Lot 49” by Thomas Pynchon. #jpbook Fri Sep 25 09:00:42 +0000 2009 from 9600
  • @jobsworth I am currently reading A History of Bombing by Sven Lindqvist ( It’s challenging reading. #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:51:30 +0000 2009 from markgould13
  • @jobsworth The 10pm question Kate de Goldi. from the same lineage as Adrian Mole and the curious incident of the dog in the night #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:48:54 +0000 2009 from LaurenceMillar
  • @jobsworth – You Got Nothing Coming, Jimmy Lerner #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:43:49 +0000 2009 from jamesfarrar
  • RT @jobsworth: Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me via Twitter. Hashtag it #jpbook if you can. Thanks Fri Sep 25 08:43:46 +0000 2009 from ElrikMerlin
  • RT @jobsworth: Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me via Twitter. Hashtag it #jpbook if you can. Thanks Fri Sep 25 08:43:29 +0000 2009 from prolley
  • RT @jobsworth: Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me via Twitter. Hashtag it #jpbook if you can. Thanks Fri Sep 25 08:43:28 +0000 2009 from BarCampNPdallas
  • @jobsworth “The Solitudes” by John Crowley (Ægypt Cycle Bk 1) “I wish I could write like that” was my reaction. When SF becomes lit #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:43:28 +0000 2009 from ElrikMerlin
  • #jpbook My fave 2 books are “Magician” by Raymond E Feist & “The Traveller” by John Twelve Hawks ! Fri Sep 25 08:43:19 +0000 2009 from Paul_1DayLater
  • #jpbook My fave 2 books are “Magician” by Raymond E Feist & “The Traveller” by John Twelve Hawks ! Fri Sep 25 08:41:14 +0000 2009 from 1daylater
  • @jobsworth How to Help Children Find the Champion Within Themselves by David Hemery, CBE and ’68 Olympic Gold Medal winner #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:40:45 +0000 2009 from arunshenoy
  • @jobsworth Cryptonomicon, Neil Stephenson #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:39:07 +0000 2009 from SubtleBlade
  • @jobsworth The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:38:38 +0000 2009 from vtri
  • @jobswoth The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:38:01 +0000 2009 from vtri
  • @jobsworth: #jpbook The Complaints by Ian Rankin – the man is back on form Fri Sep 25 08:37:12 +0000 2009 from kevincumbria
  • @jobsworth: There are so many… A Suitable Boy, An Evil Cradling, The Crow Road, Stranger in a Strange Land… #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:35:52 +0000 2009 from opensourcerer
  • @jobsworth “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life” by Barbara Kingsolver #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:35:30 +0000 2009 from 808lika
  • @jobswoth The Architecture of Happiness #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:34:59 +0000 2009 from vendorprisey
  • @Soulsailor that’s a great classic! #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:34:32 +0000 2009 from chieftech
  • @jobsworth try #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:33:55 +0000 2009 from r4vi
  • @jobsworth Have you read Ted Kennedy’s True Compass? #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:33:48 +0000 2009 from TomRaftery
  • RT @jobsworth: Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me via Twitter. Hashtag it #jpbook if you can. Thanks Fri Sep 25 08:33:18 +0000 2009 from cyberdoyle
  • @jobsworth best book I ever read (for O level at school), Animal Farm, by George Orwell. still true today. #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:33:06 +0000 2009 from cyberdoyle
  • @jobsworth Enjoyed this new biog of CLR James recently: #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:32:49 +0000 2009 from dominicsayers
  • On The Road by Jack Kerouac #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:32:34 +0000 2009 from Soulsailor
  • @jobsworth Doorbells of Florence #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:31:54 +0000 2009 from hubmum
  • Twitterville by @shelisrael #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:31:52 +0000 2009 from Soulsailor
  • 4 @jobsworth isbn:0226066290 #jpbook “essential reading for anyone who wishes to engage reflectively with technology” Fri Sep 25 08:31:02 +0000 2009 from richardveryard
  • @jobsworth Terry Pratchett’s Night Watch one of the best books on ‘political theory’ I have come across 🙂 #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:30:36 +0000 2009 from adriana872
  • @jobsworth Here is one – ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:29:28 +0000 2009 from farhorizons
  • @jobsworth think you’ve already read The Brothers Karamazo, which would be my first pick for you. Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:28:34 +0000 2009 from josiefraser
  • @jobsworth Connection Generation by Iggy Pintado #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:28:34 +0000 2009 from chieftech
  • @jobsworth at the moment i’m enjoying The Art of Community by Jono Bacon #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:27:52 +0000 2009 from mattlucht
  • @jobsworth: The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. #jpbook 🙂 Fri Sep 25 08:27:37 +0000 2009 from opensourcerer
  • @jobsworth #jpbook Diaspora by Greg Egan, stunning imagining of the far future of virtual worlds Fri Sep 25 08:27:10 +0000 2009 from davidburden
  • #jpbook Quaker Faith & Practice. Vox pops of Friends through the centuries. Deep wisdom & insights. Plain language. Eminently “dippable” Fri Sep 25 08:26:57 +0000 2009 from williamheath
  • @jobsworth Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:26:08 +0000 2009 from Casablanca
  • I recommend “The Leopard”,by Giusseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:24:33 +0000 2009 from virgiliofailla
  • @jobsworth Trust Agents by @chrisbrogan #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:23:59 +0000 2009 from Jas
  • Rainbows End Vernor Vinge #jpbook Fri Sep 25 08:23:53 +0000 2009 from justinhayward
  • Please help me with an experiment. Recommend a book to me via Twitter. Hashtag it #jpbook if you can. Thanks Fri Sep 25 08:22:02 +0000 2009 from jobsworth



just fixed a 3-hour bug with jQuery NestedSortable – had to allocate a (spurious) ID to each element in the list

25 Sep

Symptoms were:

– When I add an “onchange” handler, it gives the error, “syntax error:
unrecognized expression #”
– In TiddlyWiki (but not in a standalone app), dropping the element
after a drag operation, it goes to the bottom of the page.

Googling the first error didn’t show much other than legacy selector issues.

Solution was to allocate unique IDs to each element using a counter
and ++’ing it each time. You’ll see it when I next check in the
nascent TiddlyWiki Trails plugin, which is based on the TiddlyDocs

I found it by biting the bullet and grabbing all the source. The main distro just
provides a packed version of the dependencies in the interface lib.

It might be useful for anyone debugging this component to have the
dependencies in original source form. Here they are:

All this is legacy btw; you’d nowadays expect to use JQuery UI tree
component with dependencies in JQuery UI; but Tree, which is to be
based on the NestedSortable I cover here, is still not official. We
used NestedSortable in TiddlyDocs, so I’m using it here; and hopefully
we’ll be able to replace TiddlyDocs’ menu with this generic component.

Great! The component now reads a trail spec from a tiddler and lets
you drag around items, with links to open up the tiddlers. TiddlyWiki
trail component is well on its way!